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Welcome to a world of  Control and Monitoring

Sky IMU offers fully managed technological solutions, along with adaptable maintenance and monitoring services for a variety of industries.


Alarms handled daily


Refrigerators sampled every 10 minutes




In need of refrigerator control? or monitoring branches with multiple systems of refrigeration?

Spending too much time and effort  finding and identifying  faults?

SKY connects to your existing cooling units and shows Real-time information, online, from anywhere.

Control that allows your organization and team to easily and efficiently move into the age of cloud and big data technologies.

Our customers

About SKY I.M.U

Sky I.M.U Offers technological solutions, maintenance and control services for a variety of fields, such as refrigeration control, traffic and transportation, security and safety, electronic communications, production systems, control systems, cash registers, information systems and more.

The company employs a team of skilled experts with a wide range of knowledge and experience, that allows us to offer a rapid, professional and efficient service in all technical aspects of the systems of control and maintenance.

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