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SKY GATEWAY מותקן בארון חשמל

Sky I.M.U
Unlimiting IOT

With Sky system - each customer manages a different DATA with built-in features according to its demands

Your refrigerator can give you more!

מערכת בקרה סניפים


  • View, access, and track refrigerator graphics anytime, anywhere.

  • Manage and debug alerts.

  • Temperature reports to the relevant control organizations.

  • The system works in front of most refrigeration / air conditioning / electric units on the market.

  • Send instant messages of detected failures.

  • Easy and convenient installation. Ability to work even without purchasing terminal equipment.

תוכנה מערכת בקרה

Supermarket chains

  • Establishment and operation of a 24/7 refrigeration control center.

  • Visualization of each branch or the chain of branches as a whole.

  • Transparency and accessibility: viewing and monitoring of refrigerator graphs anytime, anywhere.

  • Connectivity with various manufacturers and terminal units.

  • Preparation of reports for the relevant control bodies.

  • Ability to manage all of your technicians / vendors in a single, convenient interface.

  • Improvement of the service which allows to save hours in the technician's work, reducing the number of hours of equipment down time.

  • Efficiency rates, food preservation, abnormal consumption, preventive maintenance and more.

גרף טמפרטורה


  • Real-time cooling control system accessible from anywhere 24/7. 

  • Efficient branch monitoring, with thousands of terminals.

  • Receive and filter alerts.

  • Temperature graphs.

  • Suitable especially for manned control center.

  • Allows fault investigation.

  • For the technician: ability to operate and view coolers and update settings, from anywhere.

גרף סך צריכה חשמל

Energy efficiency

  • Monitor energy consumption and energy saving metrics. 

  • Information gathering capabilities from a wide variety of terminal unit models, regardless of manufacturer.

  • ONLINE monitoring of parameters, real-time control of terminal units and consumed energy.

  • Alerts and recommendations for change in indices and according to your commercial laws, that can be defined and updated.

  • For Technical Service: Ability to monitor refrigerators and update configuration, from anywhere.

מערכת בקרה מפעל גלידות

Ice cream parlors

  • Factory temperature control and monitoring system.

  • Unique mechanisms to maintain pasteurization artisan quality, and ice cream production.

  • Storage of charts, temperature reports to relevant control bodies.

  • Alert when exceeding defined production conditions and suspicion of malfunction.

  • Send instant messages of detected failures.

  • Accessible from anywhere and anytime.

דוחות טמפרטורה סניפים ובקרים

Food factories

  • 24/7 cooling control center.

  • Manage, filter and associate thousands of alerts.

  • ONLINE and periodic refrigerator temperature charts.

  • Instant messages of detected faults.

  • Ability to control and monitor all of your refrigerators in a single, convenient interface.

  • Temperature reports tailored to your needs.

An accessible system from anywhere at any time!

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Refrigeration Technician | Industry Service Providers | Operations Managers | Food Chains & Catering | Branch Managers | Energy Consultants | Engineers Control center

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